I have decided to incorporate some running into my training. OK maybe it’s EGO but also I am afraid of boredom…26.2 miles is a long way.
I went to Jeff Galloway’s web site and am going to try incorporating some of his training ideas of run/walk. I did my what he calls Miracle Mile yesterday and yes the time is still super slow, I think an 8hour finishing time, but I am hoping since I still have 6 months, I will be able to increase my time. So I am off to do a 3-4 mi walk/run. I will post later how it goes.

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On another note I am obsessed with Rich Roll, his story his podcast all of his guests. I have gone back to completely plant powered. I am now incorporating green smoothies and super foods such as Chia Seeds, Ground Flax, Hemp Seeds, and spirullina. I am feeling really good and not sore at all. Oh and my knee while maybe not 100% feels great too.
and please even if you are not plant powered check out he is so inspirational.


Long Miles well sort of…


Last weekend was the first (of many) of what, in the marathon training plan,  are called the long runs.  Ok it was only 8 miles, yeah that could be a lot to some and it may be a goal for others, but the thought of having to more that triple that it seems like a pittance.  I am not worried so much about the distance, but the speed at which I have completed those 8 miles.  If you read the last post or if not.. I am at the beginning of my training and am trying to be slow and steady on purpose. There are many reasons to go slow, injury prevention, allowing your body to adjust to the miles, and others.  BUT my EGO hates it! I hate it so much that I am not even able to post my time. Let’s just say if I keep up the same pace It could take me twice as long to finish as I was hoping.  A couple of years ago I completed a half in about 2 hrs and 30 min. so I am planning on 5 for the full.  I know for some that is SLOW, right now I am planning to power walk so that is about 12 min mile.  Right now I am doing about a 20 min mile…. Are my goals too lofty? 12 min mile seems slow, my goal SHOULD (I hate that word) be just to finish.  I keep reminding myself I am just starting training and have to give myself some time to get faster. ANYONE out there have some tips?? Some similar experiences? I would love to hear about your strategy. Please donate to help me raise money for Achilles International please clic on the link Thanks for reading!

Setting Goals


Setting goals is a weird thing to think about. Life is supposed to be about the journey, not the destination, but we need to set goals so where does that leave us??
I have the luxury of being able to set two major goals at this time in my life one is to finish my 1000 hour yoga teacher training I started in April of 2013, through InBody Academy The second goal I have set is to walk the 2014 NYC Marathon. This year the marathon falls on my 49th birthday so that motivated me to actually follow through on something I have been wanting to do for a really long time. When I went to set this up I found out that there were no spots left, but I could run on behalf of a charity. Somehow I was drawn to Achilles International so I am now having to raise $3000.00 on their behalf, so this I feel will be an amazing journey.
To help me achieve these goals, I plan on blogging here to help hold myself accountable. So look for my progress trials and tribulations….
Thanks for stopping by and I promise to keep you posted!
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Then read this :0

I LOVE to bake and especial as a stress release.  So having been vegan for about a year now I have discovered many blogs that feature drool inducing vegan treats and have baked MANY of them.  While I am OK with treats they become an obsession. I LOVE my cooking salads or vegan peanut butter cup cookies.  WHile the vegan versions I try to choose are generally healthier eating a 1/2 dozen cookies mindlessly is not.  Totally relate to Vegasm which leads to the kid in the candy store syndrome (think Veruca Salt🙂 Thanks for sharing!

And in the interest of full disclosure, I have gone bak to eating some animal products. Specifically eggs and chicken and will most likely add some fish to my diet.  OK maybe it is just the sugar and sweets so if I just avoid them I would be OK.  In the past year I’ve put on up to 8 pounds.  This was a hard fought battle for me to get to the weight I wanted.  I am really active and mostly eat healthy but I have come to the conclusion that I just can’t do the amount of carbs I was and I need more protein to maintain my weight.  I do seek out animal product raised and handled in ethical and sustainable ways.

I believe everyone needs to make their own health decisions based on what works for them and their body type.

Happy Eating and Happy Holidays!!

I will be having vegan treats for the holidays !

My aching knee #@#$%!!!


With the snow flying and the resorts opening now is not a good time to have knee pain.  This has been a somewhat ongoing issue for a LONG time.  So it was bound to become serious eventually.  About 3 weeks ago the pain that would flare up in my knee on occasion (not sure how my knee marks time and decides what special occasion it was marking🙂 my knee would hurt, not for long, but then it would be fine.  Now the pain is constant.  Aleve 2 at a time does seem to help.  So I broke down and saw the famous Orthopedist Eric Heiden. Yes that Eric Heiden the one of ice skating fame. It might be a tear in the meniscus.  An MRI will confirm as soon as the insurance company says I can have this done. How does that make sense??? Shouldn’t the doctor be making this decision??? Ok so that will hopefully happen next week and then I will know what I am dealing with.

In the mean time NO YOGA (asana) NO HIKING NO SKIING UGH UGH UGH!!!!! Bed rest for this girl, ummm old lady. Certainly makes me feel my age.

Being a Yogi surgery (yes I am going there even with out confirmation can’t help projecting) seems like a bad option.  Maybe if I chant 1000 times the knee will heal.  What to chant though?? Does anyone know the Sanskrit words for knee heal on your own fast so I can get up and move again with out pain? Or maybe that would be the fountain of youth chant to have young perfectly aligned knees?

Being a skier I say cut that shit out or repair it or whatever it take to get out on the hill ASAP.